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We’ve made it easy for you to obtain your electronically filled medical prescription from our licensed practitioners by scheduling a consult in our Virtual Medical Clinic.

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We’ve made it easy for you to obtain your electronically filled medical prescription from our licensed practitioners by scheduling a consult in our Virtual Medical Clinic.

Book your consult in 3 easy steps:

  • RFill out the Medical Questionnaire
  • RSchedule a quick on-camera appointment with a Group One Doctor
  • RReceive your prescription

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FAQ Center

Welcome to GroupOne Clinic! We are your premier online healthcare solution, connecting patients with licensed medical professionals for virtual appointments. Our mission is to streamline the process of obtaining prescriptions and medical advice, eliminating the need for time-consuming in-person visits. Below, you’ll find answers to common questions to help you navigate our services:

What is GroupOne Clinic?

GroupOne Clinic is an online platform that links patients with qualified healthcare providers for virtual consultations. We specialize in bridging the gap between paramedical clinics and doctors, offering you a convenient and efficient way to access prescriptions and medical guidance from the comfort of your own space.

How does GroupOne Clinic work?

-Book an Appointment: Visit our website and schedule an appointment with a licensed healthcare provider.

– Your paramedical clinic can also take care of the entire booking process for you, and connect you with the right doctor.

– Virtual Consultation: Connect with your chosen healthcare professional via secure video or phone call, all from the convenience of your home or workplace.

– Receive Prescriptions: If your medical condition warrants it, your healthcare provider can issue a prescription during your virtual consultation, which can be transmitted directly to your preferred paramedical clinic, practitioner, or pharmacy.

What types of healthcare professionals are available on GroupOne Clinic?

At GroupOne Clinic, our team consists of a diverse range of licensed healthcare professionals, including doctors, nurse practitioners, doctors, and specialized doctors. They are qualified to provide a comprehensive array of medical services and can prescribe when necessary.

Can I obtain a prescription through GroupOne Clinic?

Certainly! Our healthcare professionals have the authority to issue prescriptions as part of their virtual appointments. They will assess your condition and, if appropriate, prescribe the necessary medication or device, which can then be sent to your chosen clinic, or pharmacy.

Is GroupOne Clinic available nationwide?

GroupOne Clinic’s services are currently accessible across Ontario, and will soon be expanding in many regions across the country.

Is GroupOne Clinic suitable for emergency medical situations?

No, GroupOne Clinic is not intended for emergency medical care. In case of a medical emergency, please dial 911 or head to your nearest emergency room. Our services are most suited for non-emergency medical needs and prescriptions.

Is my personal and medical information kept confidential?

Your privacy and security are paramount to us. GroupOne Clinic adheres to strict privacy regulations and employs robust encryption measures to safeguard your personal and medical information. We only share this information with your healthcare provider for the purpose of your virtual appointment.

How do I make payments for my virtual appointment?

Payment for your virtual appointment can be made using various methods, including credit/debit cards.

What if I need to reschedule or cancel my appointment?

If you need to reschedule or cancel your appointment, you can do so conveniently through your GroupOne Clinic account. Be sure to review our cancellation policy for any applicable fees.

How do I access my virtual appointment?

For virtual phone appointments all you need is to be available at your appointment time and have your your phone ready. If you have booked a virtual video appointment you can log in to your GroupOne Clinic account on our website before your scheduled time. There, you will find a link to join your virtual consultation. Follow the provided instructions to connect with your healthcare provider.

What technology do I need for a virtual appointment?

For most appointments you simply need the phone in which you provided the number for.

For a successful virtual video appointment, you’ll need a computer, smartphone, or tablet with a stable internet connection and a functioning webcam. We recommend selecting a private, well-lit space for your consultation.

What Type of Issues Can I Come to GroupOne Clinic For?

You can come to GroupOne Clinic for a wide range of health concerns, including:

Common illnesses and minor injuries.
Women’s and men’s health.
Mental health support.
Skin conditions.
Specialty care in various disciplines.
Preventive care.
Medical Cannabis.
Referrals to specialists when needed.

We are your convenient, one-stop solution for many healthcare needs. However, remember that we are not for emergencies – for emergencies, please call 911 or go to the nearest emergency room.

Should you have any further questions or require assistance, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our customer support team. We are committed to providing you with seamless access to quality healthcare, and we’re here to assist you every step of the way.

Common medical conditions we can help with

Medical Conditions

We can help with common conditions including but not limited to:


Need help fighting ADHD?


Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis
Need help fighting ALS?


Need help fighting Anxiety?


Need help fighting Arthritis?

Autoimmune Disorders

Need help fighting Autoimmune Disorders?

Chronic Fatigue

Need help fighting Chronic Fatigue?

Chronic Pain

Need help fighting Chronic Pain?


Need help fighting Depression?


Need help fighting Fibromyalgia?


Need help fighting HIV / AIDS?


Need help fighting Inflammation?


Need help fighting Insomnia?


Need help fighting Migraines?


Multiple sclerosis
Need help fighting Multiple Sclerosis?

Nausea / Vomiting

Need help fighting Nausea / Vomiting?

Palliative Care

Need help with Palliative Care?

Parkinson’s Disease

Need help fighting Parkinson’s Disease?


Need help fighting PTSD?

Seizure Disorders

Need help fighting Seizure Disorders?

Nerve Damage

Need help fighting Nerve Damage?


Need help fighting Stress?

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We’ve made it easy for you to obtain your electronically filled medical prescription from our licensed practitioners by scheduling a consult in our Virtual Medical Clinic.